20. Release History

20.1. 1.1.9

  • Fix: Handle float values in size fields expecting em-s and rem-s.

20.2. 1.1.8

  • Fix: Handle plugins with defined but empty forms.

20.3. 1.1.7

  • Support to use use a swappable Image model in django-filer.

20.4. 1.1.6

  • Fix regression introduced in 1.1.5: In BootstrapButtonPlugin, Strides did not work anymore.
  • Fallback to empty form, if a Cascade plugin had not a form enheriting from EntangledModelFormMixin.

20.5. 1.1.5

  • Fix regression introduced in 1.1.4: In LinkSearchField reduce the initial number of choices for the ModelChoice field to max. 15 entities.

20.6. 1.1.4

  • Add special unit auto to the existing sizing units. Allow it as unit for element heights in Jumbotron.
  • Adopt JavaScript code for some plugins by enforcing the loading order, so that the file query.init.js always is loaded before its plugin-JS.
  • In Carousel plugin, only allow pixels as unit.
  • Fix problem of possible non-existing folder, when deleting an icon font.
  • On plugins with more than one rendering template, allow to deactivate that choice actively.
  • Actively check, that django_select2 is installed.
  • Fix: Pasting an invalid URL into the LinkPluigin’s external link field, could cause a KeyError.
  • In In LinkPlugin, render search results as safe html, without htmlentities.
  • Fix: When rendering the editor of a LinkPlugin on sites with thousands of CMS pages, it took considerably too long.
  • Allows the user to paste an existing URL into the CMS link box, pointing onto the correct CMS page.

20.7. 1.1.3

  • Fix problem in rendering the plugin’s identifier, if Bootstrap Row is created with flexible widths columns.

20.8. 1.1.2

20.9. 1.1.1

  • Support for django-CMS version 3.7 and Django version 2.2.
  • In the CMS-Toolbar: Segmentation > Clear emulations is enabled only, if emulations are active.

20.10. 1.1

  • In BootstrapJumbotrom: Add multiple fields to set height in all five breakpoints.
  • Allow Jumbotron to be child of a Bootstrap Column.
  • Fix regression in JavaScript part of Jumbotron: Some HTML selectors did not work in version 1.0.
  • Fix regression in ColorField of Jumbotron. Background color is rendered correctly.
  • MultiSizeField accepts initial as single value or list in addition to dictionary.
  • Add reusable field CascadeImageField to reference images in django-filer.

20.11. 1.0 (Warning: API changes!)

  • Add support for Django-2.0/2.1.
  • Drop support for Python-2.7.
  • Introduce a much simpler way for writing customized CMS plugins. Instead of using a special multi-widget, thanks to django-entangled, now all plugins use Django forms to create the editors for their plugin models. As with previous versions of djangocms-cascade, all data is kept in a JSON field, but in a slightly different format. Therefore you must invoke ./manage.py migrate cmsplugin_cascade after upgrading.
  • If used in your project’s settings, change CMSPLUGIN_CASCADE['link_plugin_classes'] to a 2-tuple providing a LinkPluginBase- and a LinkForm-class.

20.12. 0.19

  • For each django-CMS page, djangocms-cascade optionally adds a one-to-one relation onto a page extension named CascadePage. This model has been extended to optionally point onto an icon font and a font symbol. In djangocms-bootstrap version 1.1 this symbol now can be rendered in front of the page title.

    Remember to invoke ./manage.py migrate cmsplugin_cascade.

20.13. 0.18.2

  • Fixed: CSS files, such as those extracted from an icon-font, served from the /media folder can not be compressed by django-compressor. To prevent this, an alternative compressor for Sekizai’s templatetag {% render_block "css/js" ... %} has been added. Adopt your templates!

20.14. 0.18.1

  • Fix problem with PicturePlugin: subject_location not honored.
  • Use predefined margins for HorizontalRulePlugin in Bootstrap-4.
  • In Django admin: jquery.init.js must be the first dependency in admin media.

20.15. 0.18

  • In Plugins using Icons, such as TextIconPlugin, BootstrapButtonPlugin and FramedIconPlugin, it now is possible to select the Icon Font. This was the behaviour <0.17 and has been dropped, because back then, icons using two or more different fonts on he same page, lead to confusion. By enforcing a specific CSS icon prefix, it now is possible to use as many different icon fonts, as you want, on the same page.
  • In your settings.py replace CKEDITOR_SETTINGS['stylesSet'] by format_lazy('default:{}', reverse_lazy('admin:cascade_texteditor_config')).
  • Add SimpleIconPlugin, which renders an icon without any frame.
  • Add a special link type to download arbitrary files. All plugins which can link, can now set a link onto a downloadable file, managed by django.Filer.
  • Add BootstrapYoutubePlugin which can be used to embed video available on YouTube.
  • When managing Icon Fonts, one entry can be set as the default font.
  • Fix: Hide link title, when no linking is desired.
  • In plugins with links, refactor the usage of get_form by using a new VoluntaryLinkForm.
  • Plugin BootstrapSecondaryMenuPlugin can be used outside of columns.
  • Add property floats to mixin BootstrapUtilities in order to handle Bootstrap’s float utilities. Replace field quick_float in BootstrapButton against this mixin property.
  • Card plugin offers three distinct children for Header, Body and Footer. Themselves, they can be extended individually.

20.16. 0.17.10

  • Fix problem of missing referer, required to determine the current page when accessing an IconFontPlugin from inside the CKEditor.

20.17. 0.17.9

  • Catch IconFont exceptions, if CKEditor is used outside of CMS pages.
  • Fix: Supress AttributeError in BootstrapCardPlugin.get_identifier.

20.18. 0.17.8

  • For better reusability of IconFont-s: Refactor method unzip_archive into external utility function.

20.19. 0.17.7

  • Fix: Restore-to-Clipboard with data from differently configured instances of Cascade may cause an Internal Server Error. Now such an import shows an error message importing whatever is parsable.
  • Add role="button" to the ButtonPlugin.
  • Optionally add CSS class stretched-link introduced in Bootstrap-4.3 to <a href="...">.
  • Fix: We can not see the SVG file, if the image file existed and was not found, specifically when copying a Persisted clipboard.
  • Fix: If jsonfield is serialized as string, convert and reload as JSON.
  • Fix: ImagePlugin / PicturePlugin can’t be copied by clipboard CMS.
  • Fix: Strides Plugin Element object has no attribute placeholder.

20.20. 0.17.6

  • Fix: Tabset support for Bootstrap-4 using jQuery.

20.21. 0.17.5

  • Fix: Limit the number of results to 16 while searchung for a link.

20.22. 0.17.4

  • Fix: TextIconPlugin does not raise an exception if no IconFont was selected for the current page.

20.23. 0.17.3

  • Use HeavySelect2Widget to choose the CMS page if django-select2 is available.
  • For ButtonPlugin, make IconFont optional.
  • Fix: Limit number of decimal places in breakpoint selection to one.
  • Increase width of select2 widget to 400px.
  • Add feature: if a plugin use ImageFormMixin and that the source of the media is missing, instead it uses a svg with old witdh and heigth who use srcset.

20.24. 0.17.2

  • Fix problem with lazy evaluation during initialization by lazy formating translated strings in BootstrapUtilities.
  • Fix font-size icon don’t work without text_align.
  • In HeadingPlugin set width of content field to 100%.
  • Add nicer ColorPicker widget for fields containing a color.

20.25. 0.17.1

  • User margin classes for HeadingPlugin as provided by Bootstrap-4.
  • In SectionMixin, fix problem if no cascadepage is associated with CMS page.
  • Fix: Can add BootstrapColumn with interface +.
  • Fix: Add missing file carsousel template file.
  • Render a nicer warning box if plugin template not found.
  • Fix problem with missing placeholderreference.
  • Adopted examples to support Bootstrap-3 as well as Bootstrap-4.
  • Add filter function to find font-icon by name.

20.26. 0.17

  • Add support for django-CMS 3.5.
  • Add support for Bootstrap-4.
  • Drop support for Django-1.9.
  • Remove deprectated function cmsplugin_cascade.utils.resolve_dependencies.
  • Replace function cmsplugin_cascade.utils.format_lazy by Django’s internal function.
  • Font Icons now must be chosen per page, rather than for each Icon plugin. This prevents the problem of rendering unwanted symbols in case more than one Icon Font was selected on a given CMS page. Therefore, after migrating to this version of djangocms-cascade, check on all CMS pages if the selected icon font is the desired one. Use the django-CMS toolbar, and click onto Page > Choose Icon Font….
  • Fix: Prevent double registration of proxy models.
  • Append fields to plugins, which are missing in list glossary_fields_order.

20.27. 0.16.3

  • Fix CarouselPlugin, if used with newer versions of the angular-ui-bootstrap NPM library.
  • Fix corner-case of dysfunctional elif evaluation in SegmentPlugin.

20.28. 0.16.2

  • Fix Markdown while uploading to PyPI.

20.29. 0.16.1

  • Fix: Compute link of Page object holding documentation menu.
  • Fix regression in sharable glossary caused by upgrade to Django-1.11.
  • Adopt child plugin editing for django-CMS 3.5 to behave as earlier versions.
  • Icons in the Text field may have a foreground color.

20.30. 0.16

  • Drop support for Django-CMS CKEditor version 3.4 in favor of version 3.5 and later. In CKEDITOR_SETTINGS change the skin setting to moono-lisa.
  • Remove monkey patch required for django-CMS 3.4. This has been fixed by applying this pull request: https://github.com/divio/django-cms/pull/5809
  • Icons inside the TextPlugin can have an optional link.
  • Simplify JavaScript plugins to extend alternative link types.
  • Added TextImagePlugin allowing to add simple images inside the CKEditor.
  • Move common image functionality into utility class cmsplugin_cascade/image.py.
  • Optional checkbox to hide plugin is moved at the end of the editor window.

20.31. 0.15.5

  • Fix: ImagePlugin should not have duplicate css_classes and inline_styles if there is a link.
  • Fix regression: Cascade Clipboard did not work anymore with Django<=1.10.
  • Fix: If USE_THOUSAND_SEPARATOR was set to `True, some templates where not unlocalized properly.

20.32. 0.15.4

  • Fix: In FramedIconPlugin, use ColorWidget for glossary attribute color instead of using a text field. This allows to inherit the foreground color from the given CSS settings. This fix required to run migration 0018_iconfont_color.
  • Fix: A Bootstrap Row now can be the child of a Jumbotron Plugin.
  • Added a CMSAppHook named “Sphinx Documentation” which routes a documentaion tree directly onto the SphinxDocsView. Therefore the documentation tree can be handled directly by the CMS and doesn’t require any special routes in the project’s URL config.

20.33. 0.15.3

  • Bugfix: If more than one CheckboxInput in plugin only the first seem work correctly.
  • Bugfix: Cascade works properly if 'cmsplugin_cascade.icon' is missing in INSTALLED_APPS.

20.34. 0.15.1 and 0.15.2

  • Fixed one failing occurrence of settings.SPHINX_DOCS_ROOT.

20.35. 0.15

  • Posibility to integrate documentation pages generated by Sphinx, manged by the CMS menu tree.

20.36. 0.14.4

  • Adopted button- and container selection widget rendering to work with Django-1.11.
  • Fixed clipboard issued regarding Django-1.11.

20.37. 0.14.3

  • Fix: If plugin is missing, now templatetag render_plugin renders empty string, instead of raising a TemplateSyntaxError.
  • Fix: Method RenderTemplateMixin.get_render_template() now properly expands templates with placeholders.

20.38. 0.14.2

  • In Leaflet Map Plugin: * For unset markers, place the position into the center of the current map. * Fix positioning of the markers anchor.
  • When using templatetag render_cascade, the HTML content is cached to improve performance.

20.39. 0.14.1

  • Restored deleted font files.
  • Fix template for rendering a Google map.
  • Add fields offset and limit to SecondaryMenuPlugin, to segment the menus.
  • Fix bug in HeadingPlugin: Can not be used in static_placeholder tag.
  • Fix bug in HeadingPlugin: HTML entities, such as ampersand can be used as content.
  • Fix in Panel Plugin: Show identifier in Placeholder tree.
  • Fix in Section Plugin: Can now be used in static_placeholder.

20.40. 0.14

  • Added static rendering of a serialized representation of plugins copied from a placeholder to the clipboard. For details, please read on how to Use Cascade outside of the CMS.

20.41. 0.13.1

  • Prepare for Django-1.11 compatibility: Replace renderer classes by specialized widgets overriding its render() method.

20.42. 0.13

  • Added Leaflet Plugin which allows to integrate interactive maps from Google, Mapbox and OpenStreetMap. The editor can add any number of markers using arbitrary logos with an optional popup box.
  • Refactored the app’s settings modules to use an AppSettings class, rather than merging application specific settings on the fly.

20.43. 0.12.5

  • Fixed: Wrapper for transparent plugins did not find all children which declared these kind of plugins as their parents.

20.44. 0.12.4

  • Fixed: Initial Image is reseted after reopening Image plugin editor.
  • Changed order of fields in Accordion plugin editor.
  • Moved directory workdir for demo project from root folder into examples.

20.45. 0.12.3

  • Fixed: When using an Element ID while adding a Heading Plugin, under certain circumstances the validation ran into an infinite loop.

20.46. 0.12.2

  • Fixed: Allow transparent instances as root objects.

20.47. 0.12.1

  • Fixed: Do not invoke {% addtoblock "css" %}... for empty values of stylesheet_url.
  • Renamed buttons in clipboard admin to “Insert Data” (instead of “Save”) and “Restore Data” (instead of “restore”).

20.48. 0.12.0

  • Added compatibility for Django version 1.10.
  • Added compatibility for django-CMS version 3.4.
  • Added monkey patch to resolve issues handled by PR https://github.com/divio/django-cms/pull/5809
  • Added compatibility for djangocms-text-ckeditor-3.4.
  • Important for AngularJS users: Please upgrade to angular-ui-bootstrap version 0.14.3. All versions later than 0.13 use the prefix uib- on all AngularJS directives, hence this upgrade is required.
  • In the CarouselSlide plugin, caption is added as a child TextPlugin instead of using the glossary. Currently the migration of TextLinkPlugins inside this caption field does not work properly. Please create an issue, if you really need it.
  • Added method value_omitted_from_data to JSONMultiWidget to override the Django method implemented in django.forms.widgets.MultiWidget.
  • In cmsplugin_cascade.models.CascadeElement the foreign key shared_glossary now is marked as editable. Instead to plugins without sharable glossary, the attribute exclude = ['shared_glossary'] is added.
  • Instead of handling ring.js plugin inheritance through get_ring_bases(), Cascade plugins just have to add ring_plugin = '...' to their class declaration.
  • Function cmsplugin_cascade.utils.resolve_dependencies is deprecated, since Javascript dependencies now are handled via their natural inheritance relation.
  • The configuration option settings.CMSPLUGIN_CASCADE['dependencies'] has been removed.
  • Added method save() to model SharedGlossary, which filters the glossary to be stored to only those fields marked as sharable.
  • Accessing the CMS page via plugin_instance.page is deprecated and has been replaced by invocations to plugin_instance.placeholder.page.
  • Removed directory static/cascade/css/fonts/glyphicons-halflings, since they are available through the Bootstrap npm packages.
  • All Javascript files accessing a property disabled, now use the proper jQuery function intended for it.
  • Added interface to upload fonts and use them as framed icons, text icons or button decorators.
  • The permission system now is fine grained. Administrators can give their staff users add/change/delete permissions to each of the many Cascade plugins. When adding new plugins, this does not even require a database migration.
  • Fixed: On saving a CarouselPlugin, the glossary of it’s children, ie. CarouselSlidePlugin, is sanitized.
  • Handle the high resolution of the PicturePlugin through srcset rather than a @media query.
  • Handle the high resolution background of the JumbotronPlugin through image-set rather than a @media query.
  • Use default configurations from provides Cascade settings rathern than from the Django project.

20.49. 0.11.1

  • Added preconfigured FilePathField to prevent the creation of useless migration files.
  • SegmentPlugin.get_form OrderedDict value lookups now compatible with python3.
  • Fixed database migration failing on multiple database setup.

20.50. 0.11.0

  • Instead of adding a list of PartialFormField``s named ``glossary_fields, we now can add these fields to the plugin class, as we would in a Django forms.Form or models.Model, for instance: fieldname = GlossaryField(widget, label="A Label", initial=some_value) instead of glossary_fields = <list-or-tuple-of PartialFormField s>. This is only important for third party apps inheriting from CascadePluginBase.

    Remember: In some field names, the - (dash) has been replaced against an _ (underscore). Therefore please run ./manage.py migrate cmsplugin_cascade which modifies the plugin’s payloads.

20.51. 0.10.2

  • Fix #188: Using shared settings does not remember it’s value.

20.52. 0.10.1

  • Fix #185: Undefined variables in case of uncaught exception.

20.53. 0.10.0

  • Added BootstrapJumbotronPlugin. This for instance can be used to place background images extending over the full width of a page using a parallax effect.
  • Experimental: Utility to manage font icons, so that symbol icons can be used anywhere in any size.
  • CMSPLUGIN_CASCADE['plugins_with_extra_fields'] is a dict instead of a tuple. This allows the site administrator to enable extra styles globally and without adding them using the administration backend.
  • Tuples in CMSPLUGIN_CASCADE['bootstrap3']['breakpoints'] now accepts five parameters instead of four. The 5th parameter specifies the image width for fluid containers and the Jumbotron plugin.
  • The plugin’s change form now can add an introduction and a footnote HTML. This is useful to add some explanation text.

20.54. 0.9.4

  • Added function .utils.validate_link to check if submitted link information is valid.

20.55. 0.9.3

  • Fixed: enabled subject_location did not work properly for ImagePlugin and PicturePlugin.
  • Fixed indention in admin interface for extra fields model.
  • Moved template ‘testing.html’ -> ‘cascade/testing.html’.
  • Added German translations.

20.56. 0.9.2

  • Restore global jQuery object (required by the Select2 widget) in explicit file instead of doing it implicitly in linkpluginbase.js

20.57. 0.9.1

  • Prepared for django-1.10
  • Upgrade ring.js to version 2.1.0
  • In LinkPlugin, forgive if sub-dict link was missing in glossary
  • Fixed HTML escaping problem in Bootstrap Carousel
  • Increase height of Select2 fields

20.58. 0.9.0

  • Compatible with django-cms version 3.3.0
  • Converted SharableCascadeElement into a proxy model, sharing the same data as model CascadeElement. This allows adding plugins to CMSPLUGIN_CASCADE['plugins_with_sharables'] without requiring a data-migration. (Note: A migration merges the former two models, so please backup your database before upgrading!)
  • Add support for Section Bookmarks.
  • Fixed: Do not set width/height on <img>-element inside a <picture>, if wrapping container is fluid.
  • Replaced configuration settings CMSPLUGIN_CASCADE_LINKPLUGIN_CLASSES against CMSPLUGIN_CASCADE['link_plugin_classes'] for better consistency.

Note: If you want to continue using django-CMS 3.2 please use djangocms-cascade 0.8.5.

20.59. 0.8.5

  • Dropped support for Python-2.6.

20.60. 0.8.4

  • Fixed a regression in “Restore from clipboard”.
  • Fixed TextLinkPlugin to work again as child of TextPlugin.
  • ContainerPlugin can only be added below a placeholder.
  • Prepared demo to work with Django-1.10.
  • Plugins marked as “transparent” are only allowed as parents, if they allow children.

20.61. 0.8.3

  • Added CustomSnippetPlugin. It allows to add arbitrary custom templates to the project.
  • Fixed #160: Error copying Carousel plugin
  • Plugins marked as “transparent” can be parents of everybody.
  • BootstrapPanelPlugin now accepts inline CSS styles.

20.62. 0.8.2

  • Cascade does not create migrations for proxy models anymore. This created major problems if Cascade components have been switched on and off. All existing migrations of proxy models have been removed from the migration files.
  • Fixed: Response of more than one entry on non unique clipboards.
  • Added cmsplugin_cascade.models.SortableInlineCascadeElement which can be used for keeping sorted inline elements.
  • cmsplugin_cascade.bootstrap3.gallery.BootstrapGalleryPlugin can sort its images.

20.63. 0.8.1

  • Hotfix: removed invalid dependency in migration 0007.

20.64. 0.8.0

  • Compatible with Django-1.9
  • Fixed #133: BootstrapPanelPlugin now supports custom CSS classes.
  • Fixed #132: Carousel Slide plugin with different form.
  • Fixed migration problems for proxy models outside Cascade.
  • Replaced SelectMultiple against CheckboxSelectMultiple in admin for extra fields.
  • Removed SegmentationAdmin from admin backend.
  • Disallow whitespace in CSS attributes.
  • Require django-reversion 1.10.1 or newer.
  • Require django-polymorphic 0.9.1 or newer.
  • Require django-filer 1.1.1 or newer.
  • Require django-treebeard 4.0 or newer.
  • Require django-sekizai 0.9.0 or newer.

20.65. 0.7.3

  • Use the outer width for fluid containers. This allows us to add images and carousels which extend the browser’s edges.
  • Fixed #132: Carousel Slide plugin different form.
  • Fixed #133: BootstrapPanelPlugin does not support custom CSS classes.
  • Fixed #134: More plugins can be children of the SimpleWrapperPlugin. This allows us to be more flexible when building the DOM tree.
  • BootstrapContainerPlugin now by default accepts extra inline styles and CSS classes.

20.66. 0.7.2

  • Add a possibility to prefix Cascade plugins with a symbol of your choice, to avoid confusion if the same name has been used by another plugin.
  • All Bootstrap plugins can override their templates globally though a configuration settings variable. Usefule to switch between jQuery and AngularJS versions of a widget.
  • Added TabSet and TabPanel plugins.
  • It is possible to persist the content of the clipboard in the database, retrieve and export it as JSON to be reimported on an unrelated site.

20.67. 0.7.1

  • Added a HeadingPlugin to add single text headings independently of the HTML TextEditorPlugin.

20.68. 0.7.0

Cleanup release, removing a lot of legacy code. This adds some incompatibilities to previous versions:

  • Instead of half o dozen of configuration directives, now one Python dict is used. Therefore check your settings.py for configurations starting with CMSPLUGIN_CASCADE_....
  • Tested with Django-1.8. Support for version 1.7 and lower has been dropped.
  • Tested with djangoCMS version 3.2. Support for version 3.0 and lower has been dropped.
  • Tested with django-select2 version 5.2. Support for version 4 has been dropped.
  • The demo project now uses SASS instead of plain CSS, but SASS is not a requirement during normal development.

20.69. 0.6.2

  • In Segment: A condition raising a TemplateSyntaxError now renders that error inside a HTML comment. This is useful for debugging non working conditions.
  • In Segment: An alternative AdminModel to UserAdmin, using a callable instead of a model field, now works.
  • In Segment: It is possible to use segmentation_list_display = (list-of-fields) in an alternative AdminModel, to override the list view, when emulating a user.

20.70. 0.6.1

  • Added a panel plugin to support the Bootstrap Panel.
  • Added experimental support for secondary menus.
  • Renamed AccordionPlugin to BootstrapAccordionPlugin for consistency and to avoid future naming conflicts.

20.71. 0.6.0

  • Fixed #79: The column width is not reduced in width, if a smaller column precedes a column for a smaller displays.
  • Fixed: Added extra space before left prefix in buttons.
  • Enhanced: Access the link content through the glossary’s link_content.
  • New: Plugins now can be rendered using an alternative template, choosable through the plugin editor.
  • Fixed in SegmentationPlugin: When overriding the context, this updated context was only used for the immediate child of segment. Now the overridden context is applied to all children and grandchildren.
  • Changed in SegmentationPlugin: When searching for siblings, use a list index instead of get_children().get(position=...).
  • Added unit tests for SegmentationPlugin.
  • Added support for django-reversion.
  • By using the setting CMSPLUGIN_CASCADE_LINKPLUGIN_CLASSES, one can replace the class LinkPluginBase by an alternative implementation.
  • When using Extra Styles distances now can have negative values.
  • In caption field of CarouselSlidePlugin it now is possible to set links onto arbitrary pages.

Possible backwards incompatibility:

  • For consistency with naming conventions on other plugins, renamed cascade/plugins/link.html -> cascade/link/link-base.html. Check your templates!
  • The setting CMSPLUGIN_CASCADE_SEGMENTATION_MIXINS now is a list of two-tuples, where the first declares the plugin’s model mixin, while the second declares the model admin mixin.
  • Removed from setting: CMSPLUGIN_CASCADE_BOOTSTRAP3_TEMPLATE_DIR. The rendering template now can be specified during runtime.
  • Refactored and moved SimpleWrapperPlugin and HorizontalRulePlugin from cmsplugin_cascade/bootstrap3/ into cmsplugin_cascade/generic/. The glossary field element_tag has been renamed to tag_type.
  • Refactored LinkPluginBase so that external implementations can create their own version, which then is used as base for TextLinkPlugin, ImagePlugin and PicturePlugin.
  • Renamed: PanelGroupPlugin -> Accordion, PanelPlugin -> AccordionPanelPlugin, because the Bootstrap project renamed them back to their well known names.

20.72. 0.5.0

  • Added SegmentationPlugin. This allows to conditionally render parts of the DOM, depending on the status of various request object members, such as user.
  • Setting CASCADE_LEAF_PLUGINS has been replaced by CMSPLUGIN_CASCADE_ALIEN_PLUGINS. This simplifies the programming of third party plugins, since the author of a plugin now only must set the member alien_child_classes = True.

20.73. 0.4.5

  • Fixed: If no breakpoints are set, don’t delete widths and offsets from the glossary, as otherwise this information is lost.
  • Fixed broken import for PageSelectFormField when not using django_select2.
  • Admin form for PluginExtraFields now is created on the fly. This fixes a rare circular dependency issue, when accessing plugin_pool.get_all_plugins().

20.74. 0.4.4

  • Removed hard coded input fields for styling margins from BootstrapButtonPlugin, since it is possible to add them through the Extra Fields dialog box.
  • [Column ordering](http://getbootstrap.com/css/#grid-column-ordering) using col-xx-push-n and col-xx-pull-n has been added.
  • Fixed: Media file linkplugin.js was missing for BootstrapButtonPlugin.
  • Hard coded configuration option EXTRA_INLINE_STYLES can now be overridden by the projects settings

20.75. 0.4.3

20.76. 0.4.2

  • Fixed: Allow empty setting for CMSPLUGIN_CASCADE_PLUGINS
  • Fixed: Use str(..) instead of b’’ in combination with from __future__ import unicode_literals

20.77. 0.4.1

  • Fixed: Exception when saving a ContainerPlugin with only one breakpoint.
  • The required flag on a field for an inherited LinkPlugin is set to False for shared settings.
  • Fixed: Client side code for disabling shared settings did not work.

20.78. 0.4.0

  • Renamed context from model CascadeElement to glossary`. The identifier ``context lead to too much confusion, since it is used all way long in other CMS plugins, where it has a complete different meaning.
  • Renamed partial_fields in all plugins to glossary_fields, since that’s the model field where they keep their information.
  • Huge refactoring of the code base, allowing a lot of more features.

20.79. 0.3.2

  • Fixed: Missing unicode conversion for method get_identifier()
  • Fixed: Exception handler for form validation used getattr incorrectly.

20.80. 0.3.1

  • Added compatibility layer for Python-3.3.

20.81. 0.3.0

  • Complete rewrite. Now offers elements for Bootstrap 3 and other CSS frameworks.

20.82. 0.2.0

  • Added carousel.

20.83. 0.1.2

  • Fixed: Added missign migration.

20.84. 0.1.1

  • Added unit tests.

20.85. 0.1.0

  • First published revision.

20.86. Thanks

This DjangoCMS plugin originally was derived from https://github.com/divio/djangocms-style, so the honor for the idea of this software goes to Divio and specially to Patrick Lauber, aka digi604.

However, since my use case is different, I removed all the existing code and replaced it against something more generic suitable to add a collection of highly configurable plugins.