2. Introduction

DjangoCMS-Cascade is a collection of plugins for Django-CMS >=3.3 to add various HTML elements from CSS frameworks, such as Twitter Bootstrap to the Django templatetag placeholder. This Django App makes it very easy to add other CSS frameworks, or to extend an existing collection with additional elements.

DjangoCMS-Cascade allows web editors to layout their pages, without having to create different Django templates for each layout modification. In most cases, one template with one single placeholder is enough. The editor then can subdivide that placeholder into rows and columns, and add additional DOM elements such as buttons, rulers, or even the Bootstrap Carousel. Some basic understanding on how the DOM works is required though.

Twitter Bootstrap is a well documented CSS framework which gives web designers lots of possibilities to add a consistent structure to their pages. This collection of Django-CMS plugins offers a subset of these predefined elements to web designers.

2.1. Extensibility

This module requires one database table with one column to store all data in a JSON object. All DjangoCMS-Cascade plugins share this same model, therefore they can be easily extended, because new data structures are added to that JSON object without requiring a database migration.

Another three database tables are required for additional optional features.

2.1.1. Naming Conflicts

Some djangoCMS plugins may use the same name as plugins from djangocms-cascade. To prevent confusion, since version 0.7.2, all Cascade plugins as prefixed with a Ϟ (koppa) symbol. This can be deactivated or changed by setting CMSPLUGIN_CASCADE['plugin_prefix'] to False or any other symbol.